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Big Rick’s Auto Glass – Windshield Repair, Windshield, Door, Quarter, Back Glass & Mirror Replacement

Big Rick’s Auto Glass specializes in Windshield Replacement, Windshield Repair, along with Door, Quarter, and Back Glass Replacement.  Our Certified Technicians only use the best parts to insure quality and total customer satisfaction.

Our corporate office is located in Seminole, Florida. We offer fast and convenient mobile services to serve you. Our professional staff is very knowledgeable and experienced in the auto glass business. They look forward to providing you with prompt and courteous service. Please give us a call today at: (727) 744-7349 to schedule an appointment and don’t forget to ask about our Lifetime Warranty!


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Rick is trained to calibrate the ADAS systems that utilize the forward facing cameras mounted to and behind the windshield. This means that immediately following your windshield replacement, he can calibrate the vehicle- all in the same appointment! 

Insurance Approved

We work directly with every insurance provider on your behalf. Florida is a no fault state which means that with a Florida full coverage insurance policy the windshield replacements are no cost to you.


We know that being without your car can be inconvenient.   We offer Free Mobile Service to your home or place of work. When we arrive to your location, in most cases we will have it ready for you in a little over an hour.  We deliver same day service so that your auto glass replacement is fast and hassle-free.

Professionally Trained Technicians

We only hire the most experienced auto glass replacement professionals. Each one of our qualified technicians has gone through extensive training and a certification process.

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Pinellas Park - Gateway Chamber of Commerce - Big Rick's Auto Glass

Pinellas Park Gateway Chamber of Commerce

Big Rick’s Auto Glass was presented with our Pinellas Park Gateway Chamber of Commerce Membership Certificate on August 3rd, 2022. This Membership Certificate represents our commitment to serving our community of the greater Tampa Bay, Florida area. We’ve been doing auto glass for more than 20 years. Though recently we’ve rebranded to Big Rick’s Auto Glass, many members of our community will know us by the excellent windshield replacement services that we’ve provided and will continue to provide for years to come!

Auto Glass We Service

View the different pieces of glass we service below, including the windshield, door glass, quarter glass, back glass, and more!

Types of Auto Glass Big Rick's Auto Glass Services Include Windshield, Side Glass, Back Glass, Quarter Glass, Moon/Sun Roof, and More.


The windshield is the piece of glass that protects the occupants in the front most position of the vehicle.

Door Glass

The door glass in consumer vehicles is usually movable either via a manual or motorized regulator.

Quarter Glass

Vehicle quarter glass is located directly behind the rear passenger door glass.

Back Glass

The back glass on a vehicle is located in the rear most section of the vehicle. Generally this glass is tempered and not laminated like the windshield is.

ADAS Calibration

At Big Rick's Auto Glass we have the latest ADAS Calibration equipment that allows us to recalibrate almost every year make and model after we replace the windshield.

ADAS Calibration

ADAS Calibration is required by law and insurance if your vehicle has ADAS equipment that utilizes the windshield. It is important to calibrate the camera in the windshield after the windshield is replaced so that you maintain system accuracy.

Insurance will cover the cost of these important ADAS calibrations.

ADAS Camera Calibration

One of the main purposes of ADAS calibration is to minimize or prevent the negative impacts of unfortunate events such as collisions. The system does this through a series of audio, visual alerts and sometimes through the vibrations of the steering wheel or your driver’s seat.


One of the main features of ADAS is the front-facing camera which is installed behind the windshield and in order for ADAS to work properly, this camera also needs to be in working order after your windshield has been replaced.

Without being sure that the camera is working properly, the ADAS won’t be able to do its job the way it is supposed to and this can be a serious safety risk. It doesn’t require much for these sensors to stop working properly. This camera is how your Lane Departure (LDWS) feature works by helping you stay in your driving lane.  But if the ADAS isn’t working properly, the signals and alerts can be delayed. So it’s important to calibrate the windshield.

If you just had your windshield replaced, and if your vehicle is equipped with lane departure (ADAS features), contact Big Rick’s Auto Glass. We will come to your location and have you back on the road, safely, and in no time.

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How long does a windshield replacement take?
Generally a windshield installation will take two hours from start to finish. There is up to 1 hour of installation time and 1 hour of “curing” time. Curing time is the amount of time it takes the urethane adhesive that holds the windshield in place to dry to the FMVSS 216. No vehicle will be allowed to drive away without proper drying time.
Do you offer windshield replacement services at your location?

We do not at the moment. However, we currently provide the convenience of mobile windshield replacement services to customers within the Tampa Bay area.

Will my insurance company pay for my new windshield repair or replacement?

Yes, if you have full (comprehensive) coverage.

What if I only have liability coverage?

Auto glass services are generally not covered under your liability policy. Liability insurance only provides coverage for damages to another vehicle. We can provide a reasonable cash price for vehicles that do not have comprehensive coverage.

How long does a windshield repair take?

Depending on the weather, windshield repairs can be performed in 15-30 minutes, start to finish. 

Will you replace the stickers that are already on my windshield?

When possible, our trained technicians will take great care to remove any stickers or items that are affixed to your old windshield.

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